Mario Thronicke

Mario Thronicke is a painter and photographer. At the end of the ´60s, he came into the world and saw the grey-green ceiling of a hospital in Zwickau, Germany. Only a few kilometers away, Sylke Otto, an Olympic athlete, made her first sounds on the same day. As she was sledding through life, becoming the fastest female luger in the world, Thornicke became friends with pencils and brushes and painted himself through the endless shades of grey of daily life in the GDR. His teachers took notice and encouraged him to pursue his artistic inclinations with formal training. Chance had something else in store for him. His family moved to West Berlin when he was thirteen. His old world left behind, he saw the Wall from the other side. The fact that it was colorful fascinated him. He continued to paint things that surrounded him as he had before. Unlike before, life was cheerful and buoyant. To interpret these new aspects he added scissors to his tools in order to work directly with them. Change appeared to be playing a major role in his life, and the scissors allowed him to express this sense of transformation. Meanwhile, the two countries unified (or merged) and the whole world became one. A new music style of electronic dance music was born. Thronicke became a DJ and directed the experience into painting in four-four time. He found a place to live exactly on the spot where the first steles for the wall were built. It was pleasant and idyllic there. Foxes and herons would say good night to each other. Nature found harmony with culture directly across the street from his apartment at an open-air gallery, which artists from all over the world continuously redesigned. Excavators came in the winter to dig out the steles. Fascinated by this spectacle, Thronicke photographed the scene as it unfolded. As the work on the street progressed, the steles received a new layer of graffiti every night Thronicke recorded the whole process of the constant renewal of nature, city, and art and how they overlapped. As photography was a new medium for him, he reshaped these images until they burst from within like exploding concrete. He found it was necessary to change, disassemble, fragment, and reassemble them. To this day, he continues to manipulate the pictures by using photoshop and painting on the prints. If something mysterious is created in the process, and Thronicke manages to share it to the viewer, then he feels he has succeeded in something. The change of the world continues, only, as it seems to Thronicke, not quite as cheerful in these times. Not given to politics or economics, Thronicke seeks to help shape the current world´s direction as an artist by looking for places where he can interfere. His determination to continue in this direction was confirmed at a lecture by the artist Johannes Stüttken. Walls will remain his central theme for the time being - the wall as a barrier that surrounds each and every one of us. With his current projects, he wants to turn the wall into a bridge, and invites everyone to participate.